Junior Ranger Program

Foundation for Carson City Parks & Recreation Donation Description

The mission of the Junior Ranger Program is to educate youth about the environment, foster a sense of community, and create stewards for the environment. Park Rangers will lead explorations of our natural spaces and teach about a variety of environmental topics including hiking safety, leave no trace, wildlife, vegetation, compasses, maps, and available environmental careers.

The program is free of cost and divided into two age groups: 5-9 years old and 10 years old and over. Every Junior Ranger will complete the Leave No Trace Hike and Wildlife Walk. Junior Rangers in the 10 and over program will attend two additional events, Nature Navigation and Environmental Career Day. At the first event, the children will receive the educational booklet, Junior Ranger Adventure Guide which they will use at each of the program’s events. After it is completed, the children will recite the Junior Ranger pledge and earn their badge!

There are numerous benefits to contributing to the Junior Ranger Program. Donations to the program will promote environmental awareness, nature appreciation, and community connectivity. Donations will be used for educational materials including but not limited to, local wildlife pelts, skulls, and tracks, environmental testing kits, first aid materials, compasses, Junior Ranger Badges, shirts, and the Adventure Guides. All donations are greatly appreciated and increase the quality of life in Carson City. If you have any questions about the Junior Ranger Program, personal donations, or business sponsorship incentives please contact Danielle at dhatch@carson.org.

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